Controversial stories in comics. It’s touchy.

Back in the bronze age of comics (80’s). Comics used to get deep into the characters, even though people complained. The stories then had so much depth, and hit you hard, harder than now.

You had, Jason Todd, die in Batman’s; by the hands of the Joker (A Death in the Family). Then you have, Green Arrows sidekick, Speedy addicted to drugs.



I think to myself, these stories would never take off today. I think that’s part of my problem with the big two (DC and Marvel). Not that I want more rape or addicts in comics, but the defining moments that happens to characters.

How Mockingbird and Ms. Marvel handle their rape. How bold Kitty is in the face of adversity. The shocking turn of Gwen Stacy (no matter how disliked the story was). When Peter find out Spider-Man’s oldest villain (Norman Osborn) and her had twins.


This changed those characters in a big ways. Changes that stuck, years to come. Made them different in wild and devastating ways. Just like Kyle Rayner seeing his gf murdered, and shoved in his refrigerator.

That entire ordeal resonated with Kyle, for years to come. That ordeal really messed with his head, but he still wanted to be a hero. He still fought for good and carried the, Oath of the Lanterns.

Then you take, Mockingbird, and see how her rape changed her. She did something that was against the Avengers code. She had a chance to save her rapist, but let him die instead. Hawkeye and her broke up, but she still believes, she did the right thing. That stuck with her and Hawkeye. Fans hated it, but it’s what Marvel wanted.


Are we as comic fans getting more sensitive, or are comics changing? Were these stories just apart of the age? I’m sure most fans are saying, “Why would you want rape in comics?“. I don’t want it to be the main focus. Nor, do I want heroes becoming junkies, or significant others dying. I want stories to be written for heroes and villains. Just, where’s the line?

They’re superheroes, they aren’t normal/average people. They see and live with horrible things. Then they still decide to do good and save people. Seeing Speedy, take drugs, and suffer like he did; that stuck with him.

When he became “Red Arrow“, he cried. He knew his life and having that suit, proved it. Knowing Ollie had forgiven him, that got to him. Even though it wasn’t Ollie who gave him the suit.


I guess, I miss that idea of comics. Seeing heroes live their life and come back, changed. Check out the link. Read up on other stories, maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know.

15 controversy comic book stories.

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