Batman voice. Yeah, that voice.

I’ve been re-watching “Batman Begins” and “Dark Knight”. Thinking to myself, “Why does everyone hate the Christian Bale-Batman voice?”. I think, it’s because we, (the audience) know it’s, Bruce Wayne under the cowl. When I watch those movies, I try to put myself in the eyes of villains or goons.


I’m working for the Falconie Family or the SCARECROW.  While I’m doing this job, someone in a bat suit shows up, and hides in the shadows. Not only does he kick my ass, and all of my fellow goons buddie, assess, he also has high tech gadgets and talks like he swallowed a bull frog. So, while I’m tied up and waiting for the cops to show up, I’m freaking out. Because I don’t know what just happened. This…freak!! This guy or monster with that…that voice. He just broke my arm and gave me bruises all over my body. Telling me to, “swear to him” or he’ll make a dumb joke when these other dudes dressed like him. Saying something like, “because I’m not wearing hockey pads”


You hear Batman and it’s a bit weird, BUT IT’S STILL IN THAT VOICE!!! How can you not think this…”person“, is anything but crazy. I loved the voice. I never understood why so many people hated it.

It’s a “realistic” take on Batman. You saw Bruce’s training and his rise to becoming Batman. Then you see the introduction of The Joker. the story of Batman in the Nolan universe made sense, why wouldn’t Bruce try to hide his voice as much as possible? “He’s Bruce Wayne, the Prince of Gotham. You’d have to walk 1,000 miles to find someone who didn’t know his name. – Carmine Falconie (Batman Begins)” Why wouldn’t he want to scare the living shit out of everyone? I think most have a set idea of Batman in their heads.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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