Superman: Unchained then going off…the chain.

You guys remember the last issue of, Superman Unchained by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. When Superman almost committed genocide?


Everyone loves Scott Snyder’s work, I’ll never understand why.  He broke/destroyed the Batman and his family for almost 6 years now. Batman was a fool in the, Court of Owls and Zero Year. Bruce thought nothing through in both of these events.

I’m surprised Superman didn’t kill anyone in, Superman: Unchained. This story alone, showcases how much of a monster this New52 Superman can be.  



Hell, even “End Game” showed just how careless…Superman, Batman and the other Justice Leaguers, really are. Snyder is a careless writer, and doesn’t understand these characters or comics.


Perhaps, I’m looking at Snyder, in a different light. I say this only because these characters are rebooted. They do have new ideas and thoughts. Then I read other Batman or Superman comics, in the New52-verse. The characters don’t know who they are.

But, back to, Superman: Unchained. Doing this title, Snyder almost made Superman commit mass murder/genocide. Then he wanted to turn that into a “Nobel Sacrifice“.




Superman stands for truth and justice. Destroying your enemy isn’t justice. Being a GOD, and agreeing to killing thousands to save earth. This isn’t the way of Superman.

I’m sure most of you WON’T agree with me, which is cool. I don’t like Scott Snyder and I still don’t like this Superman. I’ve tried so many times to enjoy Snyder’s work.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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