Dope, as cool as it sounds.

Finally watched, “Dope“, and it was…incredible. I hate saying this, but I feel like this movie was made for me. It was funny and satirical with a hint of drama.

It’s about the last year of high school for these the three kids. The unique thing about these three friends is they’re nerds, and they live in Compton. They’re also stuck in the 90’s. They dress, talk and listen to music from the 90’s. Specially hip hop and rap. I honestly couldn’t tell what year it took place, until I saw cell phones.


The three main characters are all people of color. That’s where the drama of that story starts to come in. The main character, Malcolm, wants to go to Harvard.

The conversation with Malcolm’s principle about the essay he should write. That stood out to me. Being a person of color from Compton, his chances aren’t high. (Paraphrasing what the principle said)

That’s when I really started to like this film. Instead of talking about his life. Which he believes makes him a statistic. He thinks about it and tries to come up with other options.


That’s where the movie gets funny and satirical. I can’t and won’t spoil the film, but it changes tones. You still have the feel that you’re in the hood. You get that the characters are living their life normally. It’s not shown in a scary light. Not dark and dangerous.

Not like most movies from the hood, like “Boys in the Hood” or “Juice“. This movie is about the characters and the situation they get themselves in. The only downside I have with the film is the narration from Forrest Whitaker. It felt un-needed.


The tone of the movie changed towards the end. Wasn’t a bad thing, but it did seem like a different film. It wasn’t a bad change, but I liked it. It’s like you’re told that these kids are just…kids. That’s how we should see them. Not their race but that they’re people. I loved it. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a good film.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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