Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat.

Perhaps one of the coolest love stories I’ve ever watched.

Story about two bad ass people trying to stop an alien invasion. One just happens to fall in love with the other. The main story is about the time looping but the main thing I take away is….Cage loves Rita.


He didn’t start getting better with his training until he saw Rita die over and over. Then he went to that bar/pub and saw, the aliens won’t stop. They will kill everyone and everything.

Even tho Cage knows the aliens won’t stop, he still tries to save Rita. By taking on the aliens himself. So, she isn’t hurt.  Even towards the end, when Rita sacrifices herself. Rita kisses Cage. I always wondered why she did that.


This entire time Rita didn’t want to be rescued, or to be treated differently. She knew, she was sacrificing herself. Before she did, she kissed Cage goodbye. Was it because she felt something for Cage, or because she know, this was it.

Aside from the love story, I really enjoyed the character Cage. This was without a doubt, his story. About his growth and determination. How he became the best man he could.


It was a coming of age tale with aliens and guns. But at the end of the day. After the constant time loops and berserker aliens. I still hold on to the love aspect.

I love this movie. It’s absolutely one of my favorites.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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