Flash/Supergirl crossover…that snubs Supergirl.

So, I went to the writers of the Supergirl on Twitter. Voiced my concerns about the portrayal of the character, Supergirl. They all said the same thing you’re probably thinking while reading this.

It’s not that big of a deal.”

The show has almost 10 million viewers.”

You shouldn’t care so much about it.”

I get all that. To me the character Supergirl means a lot to me. She’s a legacy character. Been around since 1958. She could be the thing that other characters couldn’t. Characters like Batman, Captain America, Luke Cage, Black Panther and Superman.


She was more than just a strong female character. She was more than just Superman’s cousin. She was the embodiment of a, fish out of water. Being somewhere she didn’t know where she belonged, or where she fit in. She didn’t grow up on earth like Clark/Kal. She grew up on Krypton. She had a family, a mother and father.

Then it was all taken away from her, a true orphan. I understood her character. Whether it’s the original telling of the character. The sacrificial Supergirl during, “Crisis on Infinite Earths“, or the Jeph Loeb incarnation during, Superman/Batman. Where he rebooted her, and gave her a dark undertone to her past.


Either way, to me, she was also different than the other heroes of DC. Different than other major heroes or the other orphans. She was a woman with superpowers in a “man’s world“. She was much different than Wonder Woman in my eyes, because she knew her place.

Wonder Woman knew what she wanted her role to be. She knew what she stood for. I always think Supergirl wore the Superman costume because…she had to. He’s family and you never turn your back on family. The House of El is her crest, also. That’s another reason why, I admire Powergirl, but that’s another story.

I relate to Supergirl. I do not like how she’s portrayed on the tv show. I do not like how she’s taking shit from, Cat Grant. I do not like how she’s all about, AMERICAN customs and culture. Supergirl always tried to find out what she wanted to do. Not what the group of people or gender wanted.


Not all incarnations of Supergirl mind you, but Supergirl, much like Superman. Fought for the rights of all, not just a single group of people. That’s why I dislike the feminist tones in the show. That’s why I dislike that Supergirl is being treated like Clark Kent. This show is so much like, “Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman“.


It just has more people/friends who know about Kara’s, secret identity. Then you see that Kara has a sister. Then there’s a love triangle…a useless triangle. Kara has no direction in the show and yet she wants to be a hero. Why? Where’s her struggle with herself?


How can she be so confident about putting on a costume, and saving people, but no foresight. No ability to see things, relationships or have better control of her emotions. I’m talking in circles…

She and Kal, they’re much smarter than humans. She’s smarter than Kal. I’m upset because she’s just as important or prestigious as Superman, Batman, Thor, Wonder Woman or Spider-Man. She deserves the same respect as other characters.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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