How to do a reboot.

Here’s an interesting question. If you could reboot Marvel and DC, how would your do it? How would you change it around? What would you change, if anything? How would you execute the world?

I would give every character their own universe. Pretty much keeping every character with their headline series, but each title would be another multiverse.


When you read a Daredevil comic, Matt has his own universe. Within that universe, Spider-Man and Captain America appear in that universe, but it’s not connected. They aren’t connected to Spider-Man, Iron Man and all the other heroes titles. Then the heroes will have their own universe. The same for DC. You’ll have Batman with appearances of Superman and Flash. The days of continuity would be over. Creators would control their characters, so there would be no conflicts.

Doing this, could end the X-Men problem, with Fox owning the movie (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool) rights. Along with Marvel comics pushing the X-Men to the side in the comic universe and replacing the X-Men with Inhumans. The only downside would be…no more events. Which doesn’t matter and were getting more and more bogged down.


The readers could have Sam Wilson: Captain America and Steve Rogers: Captain America. You could have X-Men in space. You could have a world where Inhumans are the new mutants and a world where mutants are the mutants. You could have a world that revolves around Wonder Woman. We could see her world in this comic, only through her eyes.

You could have a world where, Jimmy Olsen is any race you want, because other comics would have Jimmy as another race. Same for Wally West (Flash, Kid Flash), Jay Garrick (Flash), Donna Troy (Wonder Girl, Torra) and Garth (Tempest) in their own pocket universe.

You’ll have writer Scott Snyder writing for “Batman” for almost 4 years. Why not do that with every title. Then we could get a better idea of the world Snyder want to create. Give Charles Souls “Wolverine”, for a certain amount of time. Give Scott Lobdell, a dumpster he can hide and play in with “Red Hood and the Outlaws“. Then have those writers create whatever they want, and bring whatever character they want. Without having restrictions and being confined to other creators, creations and ideas.


It would be their universe to do with as they please. Most of us know these characters now. Thanks to the movies, the majority fans know the origins, and how these characters are fleshed out. I love continuity but I would rather have original stories, instead of following continuity.

If DC and Marvel, want to make movies and T.V. shows; this would be the best way to go about it. Everyone’s happy.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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