Blade Runner. The true ghost in the machine.

Watching Blade Runner and thinking to myself. If this is what Los Angeles looks like? What does Miami look like? What does Europe or Canada look like in this world? Considering the world has synthetics for everything. How does the currency work? Did that world adapt to the idea of cubism? I love the idea of world-building and I love concept of multiverse.

That’s what I see when I look at a film, especially sci-fi/non-earth fantasy films. Then you think about the tone of a film or book. Blade Runner has a noir tone, with saxophone and the lone cop aspect. Then I think of other films like, Lord of the Rings. It has a serious/wholesome tone. It has consequences that stick and changes the character.

Like when, Frodo decided not to throw the one ring into the fire of Mount Doom. That stuck with the characters. The same with Blade Runner. I still admire the world, because much like ours. There’s always something going on. While Deckard is trying to stop the renegade replicants. There could be so much not going on in a world I’ll never understand.


This film is grand on many levels. Besides the noir aspects, the Deus Ex Machina text. The story even has God and Lucifer-biblical tones. When the
Nexus 6 models visit their creator. Even the way they designed the set. It gave you a heavenly vibe. While reminding you, you’re still in 2019, Los Angeles.

I didn’t understand it when I was younger. I see the point and understand the message in this story. I understand the Batman:TAS episode “Heart of Steel” and “His Silicon Soul” more, also. It’s defiantly a homage to this movie. Having, William Sanderson play the role of the creator. The creator of the synthetic Android and its main computer, “H.A.R.D.A.C.”.



This is one of my favorite, Ridley Scott films. If you haven’t watched it…i just ruined a lot of the movie for you lol. If you have watched it. Did you enjoy it? What’s your favorite story based world?


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