Spectre…I don’t believe in ghosts, even Bond ghost.

So, I finally watched this movie. Avoided it in theaters and I really wanted to see it. Especially after Skyfall, but this one…It was just alright. It wasn’t Quantum of Solace but it wasn’t Casino Royale. It was in the middle. You saw Bond giving orders to himself in the wake of his former boss, death.


Spectre was intense and had a steady story, but it lacked so much. It was either the character interactions, or maybe it was, Bond. He seemed like an, army of one, playing catch up. Which isn’t unusual for Bond, but this time it felt forced. Also kinda strange considering the movie was 2 1/2 hours long.

I liked the movie, but it didn’t move me like, Skyfall did. The story was great, so was the antagonist. The acting was so mind blowing and captivating. You hung off every actor’s words.


It felt like the same Bond I’ve been watching since Casino Royale, I just wanted more. That could very well be my problem, but Skyfall is still number one for me.



If this is the last Bond film with, Daniel Craig. I say it was a good, goodbye. Craig brought a lot of nuances to the character. He had, Ian Fleming’s thought but put a modern spin to the character. Where Bond is very career driven, but only after he has suffered great loss.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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