Fanboys Suffering From FOMO…

You have so many comic movies coming out. They’re different characters, but some have the same troupes and scenes. Like ships crashing or weapons stolen. Then you have trailers that look horrible.

Trailers that make you say, “that looks like shit“. Even tho we have that mentality. We still have people who say things like, “well, you can’t judge it until you watch the movie“.



Like your opinion will change because you watched the movie. Then people say things, “well, we all judged Heath Ledger and we were wrong“.

“Heath? let’s reminisce on the days of A Knight’s Tale and Ten Things I Hate About You. Heath? The Joker? Bad casting. Bad joke.”

It’s more like YOU judged Heath Ledger and YOU were wrong. That’s when I started to think. What’s the point of a trailer. It’s like a synopsis on the back of a book. Right? It tells you what you’re getting into before you read/watch what you’re starting.


If it sounds bad you ignore it. If it sounds awesome you check it out. You wouldn’t watch a trailer you thought was bad and pay $10 to watch it. Or am I, the only person who thinks that weird?  



You look at movies like Fantastic Four. That movie still made over $50 million dollars. That means, a lot of people went to see this movie that critics and fans hated.


Why would you do that to yourself? That’s when I realized that comic fans suffer from “FOMO” (fear of missing out). They’ve gone so long without having comic book movies. That they literally freak out and have to watch every movie. Whether they believe it’s good or bad.
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Just a comic/movie nerd, who loves to write and think. From the politics of comics to the effects of comics on their readers.

One thought on “Fanboys Suffering From FOMO…”

  1. Disagree…I have yet to see Fantastic Four…and 50 million dollars is a pathetic turn out, there will always be a small percentage of people going to see a movie just to so they won’t miss out on anything. I just spent an hour and a half watching shrunken heads and Psycho cop because never saw it as a kid…But you’re trying to say a billion+ in revenue is due to people just afraid of missing out on a comic book movie, GTFOH with that fuzzy logic. Your reaching here. Its not fun/it’s humorless is a better argument.


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