What’s the status quo? Do you know?

What is the status quo? In the world of continuity, I mean. With DC you have everything mostly bat-centric. Yes, you have, Flash and Green Lantern, Supergirl and the Teen Titans.  Just, what’s the end game? What’s the direction?



Comics used to be about saving people…right? Now it seems like it more inner struggles. Which is cool…in moderation. You see less and less one shots, and close to-no minis. Why is that?  Money? I don’t know…

You don’t get a sense of the characters in their life. Just their torment. Why would I want to read about that? All the time anyway…

I could say the same for Marvel. They’ve restarted their world over and over. Marvel Now! All New Marvel Now! All New All Different Marvel Now! We also have the X-Men slowly going away and the Inhumans taking their place.


That’s the focal point it seems. You do have, X-Men and Spider-Man changing and being replaced or joining the Avengers. You have the Fantastic Four splitting. Iron Man…Well no one has cared about an Iron Man comic since the early 90’s.

I understand change happens in comics, but usually things go back to normal. We used to complain about that often. I keep wanting to blame, Disney and Warner Brothers. I feel like that’s a fool’s errand. I think now it’s the fans getting what the asked for.

Then you have to realize that these…troupes. They’re around for a reason. I miss one-shot comics. Like “The Adventures of Superman” digital comics. That captured Superman in a way that changed how I saw the New52.


It had passion, compassion and heart. I could say the same for, All New X-Men. It was fresh and new and different (pun intended). It brought the original X-Men to our time. We got to see how they reacted to their future. How they would ultimately would become.

That scared them. The thing is, they’re still here. So, that again asks the question. Where’s the status quo? Is this the new status quo? I don’t know anymore.

What do you think?

Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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