Robocop new and rebooted

What remake or reboot do you really like? Mine is the 2015 reboot of Robocop.


I liked the reboot. It was a full reboot. Everything was different, the tone, the setting and the characters were different. The origin of Robocop and the reaction his wife had to his new look.


Police officer, Alex Murphy was leaving his home, when his car exploded. It left him with burns all over his body. He was enrolled in a program where his body was sold to a company. That company would make him a bononic solider. The Robocop.


It took a turn to make everything modern and futuristic, but it showed you why. It had more propaganda and less satire, unlike the original. Propaganda with the military applications of the robot technology.

In the original the Robocop (1987) tech was used for warfare but in the reboot. They use more fear tactics to sell the idea. Until, the robots the American government used the middle-East kills an innocent kid. That’s when they use the Robocop idea. To use an actual person.

Robocop (2015) showed real world applications, and the greed behind the creation the ex-cop Murphy to Robocop.



I’m usually against reboots and remakes, but this movie is how reboots should be done. It didn’t have many nods or references to the original. Besides the, “I’d buy that for a dollar” line.

Seeing the dramatic side of the new Robocop was interesting. You got to see his struggle with being more machine than man. Having Gary Oldmam as a mentor and God to Murphy.



I really enjoyed it. I honestly thought I was going to hate it. The acting was on point but nothing too spectacular. Definitely much better than the original.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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