The Joker “loved” Batman. (The Dark Knight)


That famous scene with the Joker, in the hospital with Harvey Dent. The Joker lied to Harvey, about not having a plan. Rachel was killed, because the Joker was testing Batman. I believe the Joker was jealous of her.

In the Dark Knight film, Batman didn’t care about Gotham. Batman cared more about stopping the mobsters. Bruce only wanted Rachel and Joker saw that.

When Batman and Joker had their talk in the GCPD station. Joker said, “I thought you were Dent, the way you threw yourself after her“. Considering the Joker had Dent capture, during that interrogation. The Joker had to capture Dent, so he knew that wasn’t true.


So, that’s why the joker lied about the location of, Rachel and Dent. To see who/what Batman really cared about, Gotham City or Rachel Dawes.

The Joker, also killed the imposter Batmen, all to get Batman’s attention. Even after Bruce saw the death of the, Batmen in hockey pads. Batman didn’t care, he was so laser focus on stopping Gotham’s mobsters.


It wasn’t until Alfred told Bruce, “Some men just want to watch the world burn“, that Bruce decided to capture the joker. Moments later, the Joker killed the judge and commissioner of Gotham.

The Joker also had a plan for that. A bomb inside the body one of the former arkham inmates. The Joker then went to the hospital and manipulated Harvey. While Harvey was disfigured and distort.


The Joker had a plan in case Harvey failed. The Joker also had another plan on top of manipulating Harvey, and figuring out the Bat. The two boats escaping Gotham, with citizens and convicts. The Joker then tried to force people kill each other.

He gave them a choice. Either the convicts or the people of Gotham, blow each other’s ship. The Joker put detonators on each boat and gave them the choice. To prove that the citizens of Gotham were as evil and insane as him.


The Joker’s plan failed. The people of Gotham and the convicts, didn’t do what the Joker wanted. The Joker did have another failsafe plan. Harvey was off killing crooked cops, and looking for Gordon. 

Harvey blamed Gordon for Rachel being captured. Gordon was told multiplie times that, Wertz and Ramirez, are corrupt cops. They were the cops that captured Dent and Rachel. The Joker planned on, Harvey going after Gordon, and his family.

Batman stopped most of Jokers plans. Batman finally realized what meant more to him. It was Gotham city and that’s all thanks to, The Joker. That’s my theory. It’s what i see, do you see it. The Joker broke Harvey, killed Rachel and terrorized a city; just to get Batman’s attention.


Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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