Not Finishing

I have this thing about finishing tv shows, or should I say, not finishing. Especially, if I think they’re a masterpiece.

To me watching a good show like, Lost, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Luther or Banshee. Something, I find to be… WOW. I usually regret watching the final Eps. It’s usually a let down.



Then I think about Dexter’s final season. To me was it was terrible. It was slow and I knew it was the final eps. I think that’s part of the reason why I didn’t like it, because I knew it was ending. That’s why I didn’t/couldn’t watch the final eps.


I talked to people about the last eps of Dexter. They told me everything that happened in the series finale. After hearing the ending, it sounds kinda…lackluster. So honestly, I’m glad I didn’t watch it.  The show is still a masterpiece in my eyes, minus the horrible ending.

This problem is more mine than anyone else’s. It’s just a huge let down, to watch a show that has a anticlimactic ending. Perhaps I expect more or I think more should happen. I have this problem with other shows that I’ve re-watched.

I rewatch tv shows on Netflix, or DVD all the time. I rewatch shows like, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, Friends, Archer, The Walking Dead and many others. Yet, I never rewatch the last eps. It would be too much to say goodbye to those characters.



That’s my problem, I know. I have a problem letting go. Isn’t it more extravagant to think, these stories are still going on? By ignoring the ending? Especially, if you know, you won’t like the ending?
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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