What’s a comic fan?


What comes to your mind when you think comic fan? To me, a comic fan is someone who simply likes comics and reads them. Someone who likes certain stories, characters and artist. I’m sure you’ve heard things like, “You’re not a real fan.” “She’s not a real fan.” “He doesn’t know about Superman’s self exile or that Wolverine and Captain America served together in WW II.” Are there different levels? Casual, passer-by or hardcore fan?

Hardcore fans of comics, before the movie and tv shows, read everything they could. They buy comics every Wednesday and most hardcore fans use their knowledge against others. The casual fans usually read only the titles they like and stayed within that realm. The passer-by fan is usually the person who bought every event, from Secret War (1984) to Flashpoint (2013). Much like the passer-by sport fan, only watched the Superbowl or World Series.


Years ago, we didn’t have problem like this. We had comic fans and veterans. People who read comics, hung out at comic shops, reading everything they could, those were the veterans. The comic fans were a blend of the passer-by and casual fans. Now there’s movies based off comics coming out every other month. Marvel and DC are rebooting every other year, making it easier for new readers to start reading, but too easy to follow the characters and the universe they live in. That’s where the comic fans come in.

In the 80’s & 90’s, we had different types of new comics, capes, anti-heroes, indie, sexy girls and horror. That’s how it was. Comic movies and tv shows kinda changed this idea of comic fans. Watching tv shows like, “Agents of Shield” or “The Flash” makes you a comic fan. Because of this new labeling of comic fans, it’s changing comics. With DC’s new reboot “Rebirth”, some of the comics will follow the movies. With Marvel, Nick Fury was initial caucasian in the Marvel 616, and given a black son that looks similar to Sam L. Jackson in the comics. The caucasian Nick Fury is gone and only the son (Nick Fury Jr.) who shares that name is around.



Now you don’t have to read a comic, to be a “comic fan“. Now all you need is to watch a few movies and tv shows, and that alone constitutes you a comic fan. Then you have to ask yourself, “Is this a trend?” Comic media and comic fans are a complex thought I’ve come to notice. Comics are a new trend, because this is, (in my opinion) a NEW GOLDEN AGE of comics. This new golden age is opening doors for comic books, by bringing in new creators and comics in different companies. It’s also creating that new trend of comic media fans and comic fans.



There’s a divide with comic fans and comic media fans. How many comics do you have to read to be a comic fan? How much knowledge do you have to consume to be considered a fan? Then when you are a fan, what type of fan are you? Does calling yourself a comic fan matter or doesn’t it, to some it does. If you don’t read comics you can’t be a fan. You can’t even understand the character unless you read some comics. To others, the answer is no, if you read what you want then that’s what matters. If you watch what you want, then you’re still a fan. That’s the great divide with the word fan. I think if you watch only comic movies and tv shows then you’re a movie and tv fan in the comic genre. No different than being an action movie or comedy fan. When it comes to comic fans, all you have to do is read a comic and like it, that makes you a comic fan.


Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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Just a comic/movie nerd, who loves to write and think. From the politics of comics to the effects of comics on their readers.

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