Ant-Man review.


I can admit when I’m wrong, and Ant-Man was very good. It knew what it was, a comedy. I liked Scott Lang and his interactions with the supporting cast. Michael Douglas had a big role in the movie. It was just as much Hank’s film.

I really enjoyed seeing the back, and forth with Hank and his daughter (Hope). There’s a lot of training montage’s with Scott, Hope and Hank. The thing is, they’re fun and it’s not forced, like a sappy Rom-Com.

I really loved the fight scenes. How Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket went from small to big, and when they were big, it wasn’t as epic. For example, the train-set fight. That scene was funny, epic and cute, all at the same time.

You had fighting on top of a train with lasers and explosions. Then the camera zooms out and you hear squeaks and beeps. It was just fun and funny.


Yellow Jacket’s costume looked sick. The build up to him wearing it, was a cool villain moment. It was so much different from the comics, but still fun to watch.

I really liked the scene when you knew the Pym Technologies would blow, and the guard that was knocked out. He was grabbed and saved by one of Scott’s friend.


When Scott went subatomic. It was beautifully done. Wish this film didn’t have so much drama around it. With Edgar Wright leaving during production. It really killed it for me, but again, I’m ok admitting I’m wrong.

I was laughing through out most of the movie. A lot of the scenes were predictable. It was just a really safe film, but still a blast to watch. If you haven’t watched it, you should, and if you have doubts you shouldn’t.

It’s a new modern Disney film. Definitely nice watching it after all the Batman/Superman talk.
Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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