Up, Up and Away

If you haven’t read “Up, Up and Away“, you should. Especially if you don’t like Superman or you think he’s boring, because this story may just change your mind about him. I read this story a bit late, when Superman was rebooted and made more brooding and grim. So, going back and reading this story about a Supermen who cares about people and thinks before he acts; that was a breath of fresh air.

In this comic, it is one year after “Infinite Crisis“, and Superman or Clark has lived with no powers for over a year. Clark lives his life as a reporter with his wife Lois. Even though he doesn’t have powers, Superman still does his best to protect the people; showing his love and dedication to the citizens of Metropolis.

Thankfully during the time of Superman’s disappearance, Metropolis is introduced to a new savior reminiscent of the red caped hero we know. This hero has a different approach to saving and protecting than Superman. When this new hero appeared it was a shock and kinda predictable, but still left me in a bit of awe. It was like poetry in motion like watching Superman do what he does but with a fresh face.

During the time of Superman’s disappearance, Lex Luthor still wanted to control Metropolis. The master plan that Lex formulates was devious and a bit sentimental. It was a plan of expectancy. Lex doesn’t believe Superman is gone. In his heart, Luthor knows Superman will return, and using his cunning and intellect, prepares to defeat Superman when he returns by gathering every resource available including a variety of Superman’s rogues, the entire year Superman is absent.

Yet, in the face of all of Lex Luthor’s attempts, the headstrong reporter Clark Kent attempts to take down his enemies using only his wits and fortitude — reminding the reader what truly makes him a superhero.

Up, Up and Away“, captures the heart of Superman fans while introducing a familiar hero, revealing some back story with Lex’s sentimental surprise, and demonstrating the tenacity of Clark Kent to match wits against his greatest foes in his powerless guise. The carelessness and honor are the qualities I admire about Superman. He has a special place and my heart and he will always be the best of us. Whether he’s battling old foes or getting assistance from other superhero allies, it’s never a dull moment in the world of Superman.

Edited by Jodi Ryalls


Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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