Is the Bob’s burgers episode of the Equestranauts an analog of the new comic book fan culture?

The Equestranauts is a long running tv show in the Bob-verse much similar to My Little Pony. You have Tina a fan of the Equestranauts and Bronconius an “Equestical” (hardcore Equestranaut fan much like Bronies) making a deal over a Chariot, Equestranaut figure, at an Equestranauts convention. This figure is rare very valuable. Tina doesn’t realize it’s value, and trades it for a new edition Chariot with a saddle.  After finds out the true price value, she’s sadden and wants her beloved toy back. 

She forms a plan with her father to retrieve the figure. She teaches him everything she knows about the Equestranauts in a day. Bob learned everything Tina taught him through books (also Tina’s zombie fan fiction) but he never watched any of the eps. Bob finds Bronconius and joins his group of other Equestranauts cosplay friends. You later realize that Bronconius thinks that having Chariot and other legendary Equestranauts together will bring him prolonged youth.

Bob and Bronconius gain a bond and that bond nearly leads Bob to acquire Tina’s toy. Until Bob unknowingly repeats a line from Tina’s Equestranaut Zombie fan fiction. Then Bronconius figures out that Bob isn’t a true Equestical. That’s when Bronconius decides to have Bob prove his fandom by getting a Equestranaut tattoo. Bob’s family walks in and saves the day and Tina gets Chariot back.

Much like new comic fans and their “comic knowledge”. You have places like, Wikipedia, Comic Vine and Google gain comic insight. Which are cool places to fact check or remember old comic lore but never a place to learn a story. When it comes to a story you don’t learn it through someone else or you’ll end like Bob…well, not exactly like Bob. You will run into those moments where you’ll repeat something you heard from someone or heard online. Something you believe to be true but no real facts to back it up.

If you think something is interesting, go out and experience it. You wouldn’t let someone tell you a movie and take it face value, would you? You’d watch it and form your own opinion. That’s no different with comics. I don’t hate wiki, Comic Vine or Google for comic knowledge but it shouldn’t be the only place seek it.


Written by FTO : NERD TALK


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