Novels and Trades. 

I was thinking about novels ending. Then I thought about comics like Fables, Y: The Last Man and Powers. They all had a story clear story and they all had an ending. Although if they had sold the rights of that story to image or which other companies. We would be right back where we were, when Superman, Batman and Spider-Man were created. 

We could call, Fables, a graphic novel, but only now could we. You couldn’t while those comics were in circulation. That’s why calling them graphic novels and trade paperbacks are horrible terms now. Especially, when you have so many new and old fans currently, that barely understand the terminology. 

Graphic Novel is defined as, a novel in comic-strip format. While, trade paperback is a publisher term, that refers to any book with a flexible cardstock cover which is larger than the standard mass marketpaperback format. Comic fans have used the term as, the type of material traditionally sold in comics shops in that format: collected editions of previously serialized stories.

That’s probably why marvel is continuously resetting their numbers. So, when consumers go out to buy “trades” or “graphic novels”, of certain runs. Consumers can just go out and ask for a certain creator’s, run. Runs from Hickman, Slott, Soule and so on.  There may even have an event inside of that run. 

In the world of that big two, it’s difficult having endings. Continuity usually prevents that concept. I, for one, love the fact that stories are continuous but we should abide by the proper vernacular. A novel ends. Calling a collection of stories that haven’t ended, graphic novels; isn’t the proper terminology. They’re trades. 
Written by: FTO: Nerd Talk


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