Did we (nerds) win?

I keep seeing in different groups and fans, that we are getting all these movies and we won. What did we win? Having a mockery of the characters we had before? Having big companies buy out the comics and change them to suit the movie? Looking at you Marvel. 
Perhaps we won on the fact that everyone now thinks they’re a comic book fan? Now we have a Batman in films using a gun as a offensive weapon, and the fact that Superman has KILLED in the movies?

Yeah, but I’m just being negative and complaining, because I loved what these characters used to stand for. DC/Warner Bros/Marvel/Disney only want to make money. “So, why not make these guys more edgy. That way we’ll make tons of money. These nerds will also tell their friends to watch the movies even if it’s crap and the sequels are crap or carbon copies of the first.” 

Much like the Transformers movies and the dislike from the masses, yet they continue to make a high profit in the box orifice. You can say you like them, but Michael Bay has made himself a joke in Hollywood. Just because of his name. 
Yeah I’m complaining, because we won. How rude of me…maybe I do care too much. I love comics but with the new shift change at marvel and image slacking on their creativity. Then with DC slowly recovering from their New52 debacle. Comics have gone through a lot of changes in the last few years and with the growing success from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

For people like me, an old school nerd with a dislike for the all the movie franchises. This era in comics is bothersome and is a disturbing defeat. With DC multiple universe’s from tv, video games and film and Marvel turning Captain America and Magneto into Hydra…these are dark times.  

By FTO: Nerd Talk


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Just a comic/movie nerd, who loves to write and think. From the politics of comics to the effects of comics on their readers.

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