Did we (nerds) win?

I keep seeing in different groups and fans, that we are getting all these movies and we won. What did we win? Having a mockery of the characters we had before? Having big companies buy out the comics and change them to suit the movie? Looking at you Marvel. 
Perhaps we won on the fact that everyone now thinks they’re a comic book fan? Now we have a Batman in films using a gun as a offensive weapon, and the fact that Superman has KILLED in the movies?

Yeah, but I’m just being negative and complaining, because I loved what these characters used to stand for. DC/Warner Bros/Marvel/Disney only want to make money. “So, why not make these guys more edgy. That way we’ll make tons of money. These nerds will also tell their friends to watch the movies even if it’s crap and the sequels are crap or carbon copies of the first.” 

Much like the Transformers movies and the dislike from the masses, yet they continue to make a high profit in the box orifice. You can say you like them, but Michael Bay has made himself a joke in Hollywood. Just because of his name. 
Yeah I’m complaining, because we won. How rude of me…maybe I do care too much. I love comics but with the new shift change at marvel and image slacking on their creativity. Then with DC slowly recovering from their New52 debacle. Comics have gone through a lot of changes in the last few years and with the growing success from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

For people like me, an old school nerd with a dislike for the all the movie franchises. This era in comics is bothersome and is a disturbing defeat. With DC multiple universe’s from tv, video games and film and Marvel turning Captain America and Magneto into Hydra…these are dark times.  

By FTO: Nerd Talk


Novels and Trades. 

I was thinking about novels ending. Then I thought about comics like Fables, Y: The Last Man and Powers. They all had a story clear story and they all had an ending. Although if they had sold the rights of that story to image or which other companies. We would be right back where we were, when Superman, Batman and Spider-Man were created. 

We could call, Fables, a graphic novel, but only now could we. You couldn’t while those comics were in circulation. That’s why calling them graphic novels and trade paperbacks are horrible terms now. Especially, when you have so many new and old fans currently, that barely understand the terminology. 

Graphic Novel is defined as, a novel in comic-strip format. While, trade paperback is a publisher term, that refers to any book with a flexible cardstock cover which is larger than the standard mass marketpaperback format. Comic fans have used the term as, the type of material traditionally sold in comics shops in that format: collected editions of previously serialized stories.

That’s probably why marvel is continuously resetting their numbers. So, when consumers go out to buy “trades” or “graphic novels”, of certain runs. Consumers can just go out and ask for a certain creator’s, run. Runs from Hickman, Slott, Soule and so on.  There may even have an event inside of that run. 

In the world of that big two, it’s difficult having endings. Continuity usually prevents that concept. I, for one, love the fact that stories are continuous but we should abide by the proper vernacular. A novel ends. Calling a collection of stories that haven’t ended, graphic novels; isn’t the proper terminology. They’re trades. 
Written by: FTO: Nerd Talk


Death of Superman was one of the first superhero death’s in comics. It was a beautiful play on words. The audience thought he died by the hands of Doomsday. We later realized, (through the power of retcon) that Superman didn’t die, he was in a Kryptonian coma. Superman broke out of the coma and returned with a, black Kryptonian burial suit and…a mullet. (thanks 90’s) That’s why I love comics. They’re unintentionally clever and DC.  They do, unintentionally clever, so much better than Marvel. I hate to make it a contest but I love DC much more than Marvel. 

Are the Marvel/Netflix shows, one television show?

I’m a person of color, a person you may call, black. I’m also a nerd. Pretty extreme and comic, addictive, nerd. I still haven’t watched, Luke Cage. I’m waiting for that hype to die down. Hell, the hype for Luke Cage, just died down. Thanks to the new, Iron Fist tv show. Everyone and their mother are talking discourse about that show and the actor that plays, Danny Rand. 

Then that got me wonder about the, Marvel/Netflix TV Universe. Then I thought, is Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the new format for tv shows. 

Think of Marvel/Netflix tv universe as a single tv show. We’ve had two seasons of Daredevil, one of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.  That’s 5 seasons of the Marvel/Netflix t.v.show. The Defenders is season 6 and it brings the stars of that show, together. 

  Written by FTO : NERD TALK

Happy Accident

I was talking with Joe Patrick on Twitter about “The Clone Conspiracy”. I asked him, (considering I didn’t read it) if Dan Slott touched on-Mary Jane’s and Peter’s, unborn child. He told, Slott didn’t and then he said, “After 20 years, I think it’s safe to say that Marvel isn’t interested in tugging on that plot thread any more”. 
It hurt to hear that. It made me think about continuity, reboots, retcons, DC and Marvel comics. Only reason I bring this up is because DC and Geoff Johns are doing something at DC that’s changing comics. 
They created a new universe then, after that universe didn’t work on the big scale, they altered it with the previous universe. Which I love and find to be fun and exhilarating. You have a DC Comics universe that new fans jump on board with and loved it. Then you have a previous DC Comics universe, that older and arguably, established fans grew up with. Something that Marvel is ignoring and paying less and less attention towards. 
What DC Comics and Johns are doing is not only blending two universe’s, they’re also bringing together two different types of comics and DC Comics fans. In my eyes it’s gorgeous and a very happy “accident”. 

Written by FTO : NERD TALK

Did the X-Men win?

From Cyclops killing Professor X to Storm vindictive leadership of the X-Men. With the first 5 of the past still in the present and Old Man Logan magically/weirdly in the 616. Having Magneto apart of the X-Men and the X-Men sheer dislike for each other. Usually comics and the X-Men mirror our own world. With racism and homophobia being the epidemic it was in the 60’s. When the X-Men were originally created in the 1963 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. What’s the point of reading the X-Men books? 

Now that things have changed in our world. Moments like, the Supreme Court declaring same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Then you have Black Lives Matters, an international activist movement, originated in the African American community, that campaigns against violence towards black people. 

You have writers like Brian Michael Bendis doing originals stories like All New X-Men. Stories that had such originality and fizzled and over stayed it welcome. All New X-Men brought, Jean Grey (marvel girl, Scott Summers (Cyclops), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Warren Worthington III (Angel) and Hank McCoy (Beast) from 1963 to 2014. The characters were brought to future and change things. They fixed the problem and they’re still in the 2000’s, still living their lives. They haven’t returned to the 1960’s.

Marvel recently published a comic called X-Men ’92. At first I thought it was because of the nostalgia train and MARVEL wanted the cash grab. Now I think it’s because that’s the last time the X-Men really stood for something. Yes, I know the New X-Men title was unique and different. With Grant Morrison shaking things up and adding some flare. With new characters like John Sublime and Xorn and giving a different identity to established characters like Cyclops, Wolverine and Emma Frost. 

I also believe a lot of what’s going on with the X-Men is a result of Fox owning the movie rights. Which is why we see Old Man Logan showing up in the comics. We have a new movie starring Huge Jackman as Old Man Logan. Then you have Deadpool gaining popularity from his movie starring Ryan Reynolds. You see that transition to comic sales and the number of Deadpool. Like what happened with the Fantastic Four comic canceling. Most believe because of the poor reviews of the movie. 

Then you have Marvel and DC comics selling more towards a younger crowd. Comics are trying to be for kids and that’s changing the dialogue that comics have grown into for the past 40 years. From the Bronze Age of comics with extreme and murderous characters like the Punisher and Ghost Rider being created. Then Marvel seeing more towards adults who used to read the comics as kids.
Have the X-Men won? Have they gained acceptance of the majority in the marvel 616 universe? Even after the “No More Mutants” and you now have less mutants. Have the X-Men and mutants finally been accepted and if so, is it time for the X-Men to go away, much like the Fantastic Four? 

After reading the Bendis’ run of Uncanny X-Men. No, the X-Men having won. Watching Cyclops take the place of Magneto. You see the hate for mutants was there and still growing. Even when Storm lead the X-Men you saw the pressure and hate get to her. The X-Men should never go away, because there will always be something that a majority of people hate, when it comes to people. The X-Men should be the analog for resistance. They should be the reminder that, people are people, no matter what bigots think. I do think the X-Men need a reboot or new status quo when it comes to characters. 

Thank you so much Kevin Coffee for giving me this idea. 

Written by FTO : NERD TALK

Croak #1 

So on cover alone, i thought to myself that, “this is horror and I’m not a fan of horror”. I’ve never been one for not reading a comic over genre. Croak starts out with three friends in a car gloomy camping. A lot of banter back and forth while they’re on the travel to the camp grounds.

Took me a while to get into the writing of Cody Andrea Sousa. It had very cliche horror movie banter. Friends go on trip. Talk about why they’re on this trip and tell horror story over fire. What really stood out was the coloring by Chris O’Halloran. It was very gritty and flowing. It really made the tone of that story and the emotions on the faces drawn by Francisco Iaquinta, reach their levels. 

The art grabbed me and made me pay attention to the end of that story. Walking into spoiler territory here, I love the ending. It was a twist but not the trust you expected. While you had the one friend  telling the horror story and the other friend mocking the one telling the story. I thought to myself that one of these people will be the killer. 

The twist is, one of these characters were the killer. Just on accident. I won’t spoil the ending but I will say check out this story. It’s rough at fist but if this is issue one. I can’t wait to see how issue 2 turns out (released on October 5th). If you don’t like horror, you may still like this book. 

I have to read issue 2 just to see what happens next. 

Written by FTO : NERD TALK